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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 52

BetaRish is...

Somebody remind me that saying no is a superpower also

Oh admin! Why, admin?

Happy National Poets’ Hibernation Day Eve!

It's just another way of passing the day

‘Points of failure inevitable’ seems like a good credo

Oh plans they’re nice aren’t they? #behindthedayalready

My Milkman brings the Booker to the yard

phlegm never sleeps


I’m scheduled to meet the Duchess of Gloucester later. Those of you who know my republican proclivities – please don’t laugh

Treacle day(s)

Oh so Facebook backgrounds now offering editorial comment about the state of the world

Am the spooksman for the Anti-Halloween Party

Spring appears to have made a return today

So much, and yet so little

Why doesn’t this stuff write itself?

I am King of the Procrasti Nation

One day you will wonder whether any of this made sense

If you want a different angle on t’current politics, I dreamt last night that T. May resigns this afternoon…

Oh for a life of trivialities

Well this is a cheery background upon which to contemplate end times

Winter’s waving at me

[something something WTF? something] << 2018, no?

Is there a parallel festival called ‘Gratitaking’?

Trombenik blues

Why will no one pay me to wallow in content?

I learned yesterday that there are rules about washing your caps

Don’t start your Monday with a trip to the dentist or you too might get told you might need root canal surgery

Thanks everyone for your very kind birthday wishes. Have now finished teaching for the day, so I think I’m allowed a drinky, no?

I see people are wanting unicorns again

‘Go your own way’: great song, bad diplomacy

Chance, fine thing, etc

Oh this is meant to make it better, is it?

People just do blerk

What’s that printer? You know I’m on a deadline, so stop working now? Ah thanks very much

Come on year end, I can take ya

On we go

One more push

Christmas, merry, you know the drill

Hello office, hello desk

New year’s fink

Come on gang! We’re nearly at the end of this non-week!

Well, that refreshing sleep wasn’t

9 days in and I can already feel the vein throbbing

The danger of the hereafter

And what good shall you do this day?

Your character note is…

Do you have my words?