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Monday, August 07, 2017

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 47

BetaRish is...

What, no board games?

Hell OS update my old friend

The process is the process is the dear lord we’re doing this voting thing again?

Call it come back

Words – trickier blighters than you think

What if the universe is made of elastic?

Let it go, get it back

is strong and stable like an IKEA table

Hurry up Mercury

is efficient in his inefficiency

Trickster holds the centre

is already ducking the flak

Quick, call The One Show! The body politic ails again

is a Lord of Light

Where did Spring go?

There were some ideas here, once

is the Google Doc of your dreams

Oh travel, thy sting is much


Not that it means much, but I am thinking of dancing as rebellion, hedonism as a way of grief, and how we must nurse our candles. We may flicker but we shall not go out. Because there will be joy again, one day. And we will dance together

Is it summer? Can we call it?

Oh, you want something that isn’t on the brief by yesterday?

has been USB shanghai’d

Imagine if the meme was multiplication

Has everyone bunked off?

When pride is too wide to fit the room

And the realm unravels a little more

The need for Squalorship

Plot, plan, plot, plan

à hair-triggers

Sometimes, the surface is all that matters

The itchy nervousness of not having work email on the phone

is in search of utopia again

The edgy nervousness of everyone else is putting me on edge

Sharp sharp! The week the week!

Bubbles are power

The ideas, the desire… now just waiting for the time to show up

The network is working in nets

it’s blue in London; not a French blue, but it’ll do

My kingdom for a hamburger

The storm doesn’t clear the sky

Zero sum art doesn’t add up

is minimal, viable

Heavy legs

Ti amo

is higgling and bargaining

Do you remember?

Whither my lists?