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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 42

BetaRish is...

Right, into battle again

I have all the jargon, but no words

Could be Austerlitz today, could be Trafalgar

This glimmer could be the Hundred Days

Cold hands, cold words

is looking at life through a bigger screen

Off we go again

needs to invent a new category

He’s back; we’re waiting to see what he does next

Yes, I’m bored of me ranting too

Here we go again

Don’t want to jinx it, but might have escaped

What is balance?

is deghosting

When a wink becomes a twitch

will win this week

is in the mitigation space

Pitch pitch, pitch pitch

is a modern form of hysteria

will predict the future tomorrow

has a care for your soul

would really like to live in a screwball comedy

Plans are probably provisional. Plays palava with professionalism

is ‘Reality+’

is difference splitting

To take poetry seriously is to be ridiculous; but to treat poetry as ridiculous is to not take yourself seriously

Here we go, on we go, off we go, go go go

The leap is all

will cuddle dragons today

is how we chill in ‘93

The world is my book

is deconstructing deconstruction

So, to run up the energy peak again

is swooning at balloonists

is dividing the final part in two

Lit crit makes you hip to the trip before you zip, you dig?

Make it, break it, fix it, go

I assume that the assumptions are the assumptions

Pep-to Fussball gives the Old Lady heartburn

The future of money requires time as a sacrifice

Pay with a Poet day

is abstracted

will shill for Giphy

is A/B testing his life

Start again, again

Glory > power

Juggle is the struggle

*’vent about clients’ post*. And yes, I am breathing deeply