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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 53

BetaRish is...

Too much work and not enough time…

Have reached the level of tiredness where my eyes are struggling to focus

Dull jewel, inactive fire

*deep breath* Here we go again

...just held my breath for three hours

Switched on dark mode

Defense wins championships

You can tell what sort of place I’m in, as I started reading ‘Bluets’ again this morning

Wit fades without use

I wrote a poem! I wrote a poem!

What, I can’t have another 12 hours in bed?

Reboot, reboot

To his coy facebookers

*puffs cheeks out* One more heave

Non-poetry bump

My eyes! My eyes! etc

Hug > Scold

Why isn’t motivation linked to rising inflation?

Strike a match

I was the past once

You know when you look at your to-do list and laugh? That

Remind me not to talk about poetic technique on other platforms…

Giving up Thin Wednesday

something something [object] something

The closer we get to 29th March the worse my headache gets

on it goes

‘The empty box’ doesn’t have as much of a ring as ‘the empty page’ does it?

In the future we will all be awake deep into the night, reading books about why we can’t sleep

The act we act is wearing thin

Why won’t someone pay me to sit around and read?

Oh pollen, up somebody else’s!

Universal Basic Reparations

All shook up

Circumspect as a state of mind

Scratch the itch of work

Hey Rose, Hey Madder

[another blank needing filling]

Brexit now officially harder than taking a photo of a black hole

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a cold? Please don’t be a cold

I see which side you’ll be on

Busy day of literary high jinks

Back at the desk for the first time in about 17 days

Not sure I can handle any more epic comebacks this week

The game remains the same

[insert motivational message here]

My engine of progress appears to have stalled

juggle vision

If rumours mill, what do facts do?



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