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Monday, June 09, 2008

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 7

BetaRish (is):

cracking on

thinks the boycat is far too excited about the England friendly tonight, and that there was no need for him to be practising his crosses on the bed at 4am

would like to be young enough to be a club bunny again

dancing… in his mind…

listening to his muxtape now. Any ideas why it’s only working in IE7 anyone?

now sure the girl cat is cleverer than she’s letting on

does wonder why he bothers sometimes

hopefully ready to start now

cabin boy on the ship of fools, and wishes for a promotion. And a new vessel

all arrrgh! How am I going to fit it all in?

on the way to help make a film

supposes he has to like the snow, because everyone else appears to. But come on, it’s April people!


still thinking

says he is not a moron – he is your wife

asks you all to get back at

says champagne at lunch doesn’t half get you wrecked

now loving Yeasayer

amazed I tell you, amazed!

loving ‘Kill Your Friends’ by John Niven. Good call, Julie

all of the ponder

now trying out hellotxt too. Bit unifying it, isn’t it?

off to learn where ideas come from

saying baby come on

thinking about dancing, when he knows that he should be *actually* dancing

all of a flutter, which will soon become a flitter

still grumpy

just won a bottle of champagne in the Little, Brown pub quiz!

dragon slaying

thinking he’s awake, but isn’t sure

awaiting Friday, payday, yayday!

at work, again

at work, again again – but at least that sounds like a Futureheads song

confused and saddened by the news from The Pipettes

soon to be better connected

hoping the April skies clear soon

salutes international labour, the proletariat and all working classes everywhere; and reminds those of you in London to vote green-red today

timing his exit

had forgotten how good an album ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ is

a Bernie Gunther novel

still admiring the high class fart joke in Julian Barnes’ ‘Before She Met Me’

is about to pop out

sans manbag today. Here’s hoping the brolly won’t be needed either


pleased that everyone likes his new hair

always thinking

panda panda panda!

pleased that the tradition of the first day of the first test being damp and drizzly is being maintained

salutes aiElvis. The glory!

scrambling to get everything done

ditto at today

on the way to ORD now, so apologies in advance for being offline

chilly in Chicago

waiting for Mark and Steph to get married

has less than a day left in Chicagoland

back home, via Chicago (thanks Wilco)

back back back. To a pitch!

thinking about breakfast too much

bothered, hot



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