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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Best excuse ever

It's amazing what you can blame World War II for:

"[Name} is not in today... Due to a 2nd world war bomb near the track, he is unable to get get in."



Blogger Richard said...

I know this was genuine - the posters at Farringdon flagged it up.

I've used that excuse (genuinely) in the past too! Train left Cirencester en route to Bath; just before the Box tunnel we came to a halt as a farmer had found an unexploded device in his field as he ploughed it. Turned out to be a discarded hand grenade...

1:25 pm  
Blogger Rish said...

Oh, I know it was real. I'd like to know whether similar things operate in other countries, due to other conflicts:

"Sorry mein herr, but there was a snafu on the autobahn this morgen, due to a cavalcade of loose bayonets left over from the first Franco-Prussian war..."

1:33 pm  

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