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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Commercial: 48 hour sci-fi film challenge

So, a few weeks ago, clurr asked me to give a hand on a project she was helping Jools and Si out on, which was to create, shoot and edit a five minute film in 48 hours, as part of the Sci-Fi London film festival. I wrote a brief treatment for an ad that was meant to be used in the film, as well as the brand at the heart of it - it ended being the main locus of the film.

There were a couple of restrictions: the given title was 'Bleak corridor', we had a prop action to incorporate - a circuit board being snapped; and a line of dialogue. But other than that we had a free hand.

You can see the resulting effort here (if it's not loaded, click on the 'Bleak corridor' link on the right). Although it wasn't a finalist in the competition, I think it's a fun five minutes. All kudos to Jools, Si and everyone else.



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