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Monday, July 15, 2013

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 30

What's on your mind, BetaRish?

Hello Facebook. Did I miss anything while I’ve been offline?

Back to real life

is back at the desk

is a disproportionate impact

Is that a spring cold I see before me?

So. We meet again.

England my country, the home of the free, such miserable weather…

is the service director of the public realm

is the eternal philistine

From Glam to Cains

Oh sinuses, up yours

is a universal point of reference

Are words enough?

has exhausted the sea of possibilities

is beginning at the beginning

is playing with his hair

is a medium

has been divulged

is a phase away

Why is not lunchtime?

So yes, good to see you again November

can’t cope with the extra level of detail Facebook wants from him

wants a goluptious day

is a book of matches

Brokin’ and smokin’

It is raining in Berlin

Came fifth in a race at Tempelhof airport, then was promptly punished for such temerity by being caught in a thunderstorm. Not bad from my first time on a bike in 18 years

Economic imperative let’s go!

delineated his day already

is absenting himself

is a t-shaped foxhog

is betrayed by words again

To meet, perchance to dream

is ringing and spinning and spinning and ringing

is blowing whistles

Data data everywhere and not a drop to think

A twinge in time is annoying

has been to Button Moon

is chthonic

has the ragmatical blues

is losing against pollen

is rampantly toxic

is a unit of chic

believes it’s something in the water

hasn’t done this today

is slipping away already

needs to be told

is scrambling to the top, and falling back down



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