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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Poetry: Some thoughts from Anthony Joseph

So I'm still processing the mass of thoughts, drafts and words that came from the Arvon Foundation stay (as part of Complete Works II) a few weeks ago. One of the highlights was a reading from musician, novelist and poet Anthony Joseph. He also said a few things which might get you thinking:

  • 'Liminalism' is his approach to poems inspired by surrealism, where 'poems can come to life on the page'.
  • A poem ends when looking at it becomes painful. It's saying "Leave me alone, I'm done."
  • You want to try and challenge the linear, and the idea of what a narrative is.
  • There are three phases to being a 'colonial' poet:
    • Showing off in the coloniser's language
    • Going back to your childhood
    • Rejoining your people and becoming a revolutionary.
  • A poet uses their voice to bring people into different areas in their lives.
  • The struggle is to represent reality in the most beautiful way.
  • Poets might not change the world, but they can change a person.
  • The personal is the universal: when you reveal inner thoughts, you connect.
You can find out more about the wise Mr Joseph on his website.



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