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Friday, August 21, 2009

Commercial: Liverpool brand stories 5

On borrowing

One of the enduring myths of Liverpool is that some of its citizens are, how shall we put this, light fingered, and indeed revel in their abilities in this area. Some of this is celebrated in a book by Dave Hewitson, The Liverpool Boys Are In Town, more of which in a later story.

So perhaps it's less uncharitable to suggest that this attitude stretches to other endeavours in the city. Take for example the above illustrated metro system map. Called 'Hubcap', a knowing reference to this reputation for thieving, you see the teatowels and posters for sale at many destinations in and around the city.

And it's a lovely idea. Pity it's been done before. The Great Bear, anyone?

The lesson is not that brands shouldn't steal. It's that if you're going to, make it your own. Or we'll laugh at you for not having coming up with something of your own.



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