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Monday, August 17, 2009

Briefs I'd like to see

First in an occasional series. I was struck by the following para in this article about the 60th anniversary of the Geneva conventions in this week's Economist:

Upholding the rules is bound to be hardest where people simply do not know about the sorts of protection that the conventions and protocols are supposed to afford. A survey commissioned by the ICRC to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the 1949 conventions found that knowledge of them was patchy, even in places that had recently seen conflict. Nearly 60% of those asked had not heard of the accords. Of those who had, 44% thought they did little or nothing to limit the suffering of civilians in war zones.

That struck me as the sort of pro-bono communications challenge all of us in brandworld and adland should be thinking about. How do we design a process to reach both combatants and civilians? What might it say? What media would we use?

If you do know of anyone out there thinking about these issues, please put me in touch.



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