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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Commercial: Tantilising telly

With apologies for the pfnarr pfnarr tone of the following, but let it not be said that this parish does not appreciate all forms of writing.

Especially one of the hardest ones: naming telly programmes.

For not only do those few words have to communicate the type of programme, its content and its nature, it has to do so in a brutally short way to appeal to a very particular customer: the electronic programme guide audience.

So hats off then to the un-named scribe who, when faced with the challenge of jazzing up some motorsports action last night on Men and Motors (and who knew that was still broadcasting?), decided to go for the effective yet simple approach of putting the sponsor's name in the title.

The programme following it? 'Karma Enduro'.

Highbrow tone resumed later. Honest.



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