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Friday, March 27, 2009

Poetry flashmob

I know, there's some words you wouldn't have expected together. Anyhoos, word reaches me that there's:

a poetry flashmob at London's Euston station.
This friday [27th] it's taking place on the main concourse in the station,

It will happen at 12:05 and the stations main display board is going to be taken over
with a poem for all to see. No really !

You should arrive just before 12:05 Aim to get there on time, if you are early, stall, if you are late hurry! although no one will need to rush.

Why not bring an old poetry book along and swap it with a stranger afterwards.

After the Flash MOB, carry on with your lives as per normal. At all times remember that a flashMOB is just fun.

Please forward either this
email or send people to the sign up page
to anyone you might know who would be interested in coming along.

As always the TV will be around so don't come if you are supposed to be working ;)

I can't make it, but hopefully some of you of a metrical bent can.



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