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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Evan and The Propellers

No, not the sainted Mr Davis' new band (although EMI, if you're listening, there's a concept act right there. I'll take 0.1%, ta), but rather one of his more outre demands in this film for Today, as made by the good chaps at Rubber Republic.

Now, this is all a bit meta, as the film was made after a challenge issued on the programme to show the power of viral marketing.

Well, it works for me as film - just about - as it is - just about - funny enough (through professional opinion mandates me to say it should have been a good 1.30 mins shorter - the script wasn't funny enough to sustain the film's length.)

So, considering that, and the brand, and the fact that I use it, and I'm just about in it's target audience, it makes sense that I spread the word about it.

So me blogging about it means that I'm proving their point re the effectiveness of it.

But am I, as I'm aware that I'm part of an experiment? And doesn't that devalue the experiment?

What I'm trying to say is that any type of content that's worthy of being passed on has to do so without the aid of a big ol' plug on Radio 4 in the morning. And I'm not sure that this would have. But it does show now that an 'ad' doesn't have to be an ad any more - just something related to the brand that people are willing to spend time with. And perhaps pass on.

Still, good to see Evan's penguin suit. Do you think he has a dragon one for the wrap party after t'Den?



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