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Friday, September 05, 2008

Commercial: Corpoetics by Nick Asbury

I never get post at work. So when Beth delivered this lovely red book this morning, you could say I was made up.

Nick Asbury is an award-winning copywriter who I know through 26, who last year was in the D&AD Annual for his Pentone tone of voice system.

Here he's created something that gently deflates the pomposity of the usual corporate world waffle, while at the same time being genuine works of found poetry. He's taken the generic boilerplate from various 'About us' pages, and then twisted and re-shaped them until something else has emerged.

It's rather wonderful because he appears to have managed to tap the souls of the companies he's written about. For example, of Goldman Sachs he writes:

"Who are you? Are you new?
You will learn who is who.
You will learn to submit to the firm."

Which does rather chime in with the self-image that GS has of itself, and the wider resonance it has of being 'The Firm'.

And needless to say, Corpoetics looks wonderful too, thanks to the work of Sue, his award-winning partner is Asbury & Asbury.

If you write to Nick nicely, I'm sure he might have some spares available. It's well worth having.



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