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Friday, August 24, 2007

Listorama: Addressing abbreviations

As sourced from Monocle, while going through the subscription process:

Apartment: APT
Avenue: AVE
Beach: BCH
Boulevard: BLVD
Building: BLDG
Canyon: CYN
Center: CTR
Circle: CIR
Court: CT
Crescent: CRES
Crossing: XING
Department: DEPT
Drive: DR
Expressway: EXPY
Falls: FLS
Field: FLD
Floor: FL
Fort: FT
Gardens: GDNS
Harbor: HBR
Heights: HTS
Highway: HWY
Hills: HLS
Island: IS
Junction: JCT
Lake: LK
Landing: LDG
Lane: LN
Lodge: LDG
Mount: MT
Mountain: MTN
Office: OFC
Parkway: PKWY
Penthouse: PH
Plaza: PLZ
Point: PT
Post Office Box: P.O. BOX
Road: RD
Room: RM
Route: RTE
Square: SQ
Station: STA
Street: ST
Suite: STE
Terrace: TER
Turnpike: TPKE
Valley: VLY



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