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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 1

BetaRish has been:

bored by Book at Bedtime
scared by the size of his muffin
slightly in love with Lucy Porter
sending in the clowns, dagnabbit
a saltbreaker
ready to roar
struggling to clear his emails
off for sun, sea, sand and celebrations
not being packaged up again in a hurry
impossible Germany, unlikely Japan
really wishing he set his alarm this morning
none of the above
about to walk into a cloud
tired of making love, and of listening from Death from Above
wishing he lived a Monocle life
thinking about the future of TV. Ouch
going to look for Scott Walker albums at lunchtime
tired after staying up late to research the history of the word ‘McJobs’
mildly regretful
going to cook some rib-eye steaks
still a little stunned after seeing Rufus Wainwright don lederhosen and fishnets. Not at the same time, mind
waiting, with a gun and a pack of sandwiches
the man who is robbing you
all about the oratory of the Greek revival
just sayin’ hi to your answering bell
a black swan
suffering after losing another bout against insomnia
euphoric after seeing New Young Pony Club. Wow!
adverb adjective full stop
fed up with freakin’ insomnia, but slightly happier after a free coffee from Pret
contemplating becoming a progressive patriot, after meeting Billy Bragg on Saturday
up. Brain isn’t
more awake now
giddy with the possibilities
worse than feral
shopping in the market of senses
uhhh, um, errr, nope, nothing doing
about to watch television, the drug of the nation
making things prettier than war, death and income tax
in love with The Pipettes. Again
sure the song remains the same
wondering what he might try to popfly
taking on a donnybrook single-handed
failing to write two haikus
looking for the MacGuffin
a robot in disguise
The Hexx
out of The Woods, having gone Into them last night



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