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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 28

BetaRish (is)...

has stepped aside, and might be stepping back later


is both over- and under-deployed

sees life in tetrameter

is thinking about lunch already

Post Bodeans sweats have kicked in already. Have I beaten James Bartram?

is still mostly BBQ

s tng vwls

gives missed calls

is descended from one of the first pilgrim families

is a rogue factional element

is a link that’s safe to open at work

is accented

was the week that was

is a kingdom to conquer

Waiting for a train to Paris, innit?

My tickertape parade has not arrived yet

Thank you for the birthday wishes. You’re all marvellous

is back, older and no wiser

is clinging on to nurse, for fear of worse

is making desire paths

Wisdom is knowing when to duck

Robot or rentier?

Three dozen day

is not above giving unsolicited advice

Shakespeare is looking out of the window, taking notes

is counting down

What do vampires do during the week?



Final day on Berners Street

Tired, emotional &c

Staying put for Christmas

Merry Christmas all you good, good people

Can you get oblong eyes from reading too much?

That Was The Year That Was, it is over, let it go

You are welcome to your first day

is a bit late with this

is waiting to log in

isn’t happening

Uh oh, the insomnia’s back

Winter comes with a splutter

Needle has met hip. Now pain be gone

So how does this four day week thing work?

is attempting to get it together?

is pretending to be a creative director

supposes he should start

Neigh more horse jokes please



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