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Friday, January 08, 2010

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 15

BetaRish (is):

has been working on a piece that speaks to something’s he’s not sure of

has just stopped himself thieving

Much to do, much to be done

dreamt last night that IDEO had built a giant fibreglass apple for him to live under

Blood and white emulsion and shallots, the traces of all of which are still on my fingers

So no first day of holiday lie in for me then

is endings The Nothings with something

is off to Paris

The weekend’s over. Time for more DIY

looking for harmony in the warm invention of tinted windows

All change! All stay the same!

Sometimes all the heart wants is a widescreen shimmer, an open road and some power pop on the stereo

is analogue

hits, misses and maybes

Champion of breakfasts

Floor shop, fabric shop, work, Ikea. Spot the odd one out

Do I really have to go out in this?

Waiting for the gas man (not a euphemism)

The future of the past is the future

Last night I dreamt I had lunch with Charles Moore, ex editor of The Daily Telegraph. This is the end of days, isn’t it?


thanks you all for the very kind birthday wishes


Bro. Ken

I am stumbling to try and find a lyrical range

No more couch, please

wants a Big Easy

Forza something or other!

is touting the song ‘Gin Rummy Face’ to any interested wastrel poppettes, preferably with an interesting backstory and naked flames in their stage wear

Whither the male ugg boot?

is still floating in space

House is cold

I have a spare ticket to see The Horrors at HMV Forum, Kentish Town, tonight. Message me if you want to join me

Time. The only commodity you own others use for you without checking that it’s OK
has draughts in his bones

wants a unifrom (sic) of fur coats and radiators

Half a bottle of champagne before 10am? Oh, why not…

Feliz navidad! And other such tidings

is getting used to sleeping in until 9.45am

likes waking up to an England victory

Last day of the year


That back to school feeling

has a new fruit bag for the start of term

[due to the inclement weather conditions, this status update has been delayed]

is slightly concerned the snow might leave him marooned in the office later

Anyone else having the whole ‘cold / brain freezing’ experience?

Saving the planet, one to-do list at a time



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