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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Commercial: Poetic service

One for Nick and Sue's Corpoetics project perhaps, but I was tickled to read in the latest edition of Wired US that Craigslist deploys haikus as a means of customer service. To whit:

The little poems he has written appear on the screen at times when users might expect a helpful message from the staff. They function as a gnomic clue that what you are seeing is intentional, while discouraging further conversation or inquiry. For instance, start too many conversations in the forums and your new threads may fail to show up. Instead, you will see this:

frogs croak and gulls cry
silently a river floods
a red leaf floats by

Attempt to post a message that is similar to one you've already entered, and this may appear:

a wafer thin mint
that's been sent before it seems
one is enough, thanks

The full piece is well worth a read, btw.



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