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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 2

BetaRish is...

wondering whether he really has become a market fundamentalist, without noticing
leaving for Zoo Station
back from Berlin
barely functioning
no longer in The Thick of It
just backward of square
boing boing boom cha
enjoying hugely ‘Indian Summer’, not only for the fine prose style, but also the fact that it’s light enough to carry on the tube
Helvetica Neue
climbing slowly
considering the viability of paramedic kitties
Lost for Words
floating on wings of desire
often wrong
mainlining electricity, thanks to Spiritualized
silenced by tickling
a real bobby dazzler
recovering from dreams
somewhat tarty, when it comes to social networking
unsure of where to take things next
now sticky, thanks to Moo
regretting the run he went on this morning
stuck for something to put here
wondering why Studio 60 got cancelled, as on the evidence of episode 1 it’s fab
up to 7km, with no apparent ill effects
after some magic love pie
trying to find some new words
perhaps perhaps perhaps
trying to work out how to travel through time. It’s harder than it first appears
waffle-y versatile
10% schnapps, 10% whisky, 30% raspberry beer, 5% nurofen, 30% water and 15% a yet to be discovered substance
attempting the glamour chase
signed, sealed and delivered
having ashes for breakfast
enountered, briefly
suprised nobody has picked up on the spelling mistake yet
now talking in his sleep
you know, whatever, really
not quite sure why India didn’t enforce the follow-on
damp, misdirected
wishin’ on the sun
Lazarus Man
star dagger hash
stealing sunshine
up far too early for a Sunday morning



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