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Friday, August 10, 2007

Commercial: Mooooooooo!

We all love MOO. We all love their cards and their stickers. The Guardian loves MOO too. And, after an email from him last week, I love Little MOO lots and lots. If it was not August and colder, I'd dissect the tone of voice properly, but as it is summer and sunny, just wonder as to why more companies can't be as warm and friendly as this:


I'm Little MOO. We've spoken before, I'm the piece of software that
manages your order with MOO.

I've done a Very Bad Thing.

Don't worry - your StickerBook will be fine, but I might've lost the
information that tells the real life people at MOO what colour cover
you ordered for your StickerBook.

I might only be a piece of software but I am embarrassed and I do
feel like a bit of an idiot. If you do get the wrong cover for your
book, please accept my apologies and know that someone has fiddled
with my insides and fixed them, and it won't happen again.

In the meantime, I hope you love the Stickers you ordered.

Very best wishes, and sorry again,

Little MOO.

Yes Little MOO, you are forgiven.



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