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Friday, September 17, 2010

Open House London 2010

It's that time again, which someone once characterised as:

almost the perfect form of recreation for the English, combining as it does walking, queuing, snooping and property

(Yes, I am quoting myself. What of it?)

This year's itinerary, assuming no Pope-related hold-ups is roughly as follows:


12.00 Peter Jones, for a behind the scenes tour, and no doubt some superfast shopping
1.00 55 Broadway, the home of London Underground

and then to Shoreditch for the afternoon, for, inter alia:

Raven Row
Rivington Place
Village Underground


10.00 Lambeth Town Hall (I know, long-time residents of the borough, and we haven't been yet)

and then from about 1pm or so, we'll be volunteering at 36 Wansey Street in Elephant, a model eco home as featured on the BBC's 'It's Not Easy Being Green'. Feel free to quiz me on air source heat pumps and the like.

Will hopefully see some of you out and about at some point across the weekend; DM me on twitter if you happen to be close by.



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