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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Free the blog!

Just to draw your attention to the fact that over the next week or so, I'll be splitting my blogging time between here and 'Free the Blog!'.

It's the latest 26 project, this time in collaboration with the good burghers of International PEN. The blog is inspired by PEN's 'Free the Word!' festival, happening next weekend at different venues across London's South Bank.

And we're looking for help from 26 members - and every one else - to populate the site. As our the first post says, "we we want to receive contributions from the widest possible range of 26 members and friends of 26." Those contributions can be whatever you fancy: reviews of events you're attending, thoughts on the writers and other participants, photos, general random madness...

So - get stuck in. You can find out more about the festival here, send your contributions to, or drop me a line to find out more about it.



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