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Monday, March 31, 2008

Linkorama for 31.3.08

'Curtain twitchers, the CIA and the rise of Facebook' - Nico @ Spy's survey of social networking sites and technologies. It is a very thorough piece, and the broad ntion that those sites that allow connections around objects, eg Flickr, is one I agree with, along with the idea of your broader network of people becoming trust engines. (Disclosure: I contributed to the piece.)

The Center for Future Banking at MIT - will it lead to banking becoming more customer-centric? Hmmm...

Results of the brand junkies survey at Brandchannel - why are the responses to these types of survey always so uniform? Is that those of us who do (and used to) work in the industry are so blinkered so as not to rate smaller, more nible, less heralded brands?



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