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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Commercial: It's Pop, It's Art

Last Christmas I Gave You My Art is the latest of the 'pop-up' shops that you can find in London town at the moment (currently getting the most coverage is the Reindeer noshery in Truman Brewery). It's done by those clever chaps at Airside, as part of their It's Pop It's Art project, and it really is groovy.

At the shop, on Earlham Street in Covent Garden, one can get screenprints of various lyrics rendered in what in the future we will call the 'traditional Airside' style. At the moment it happens to be limited to those artists who are on or published by EMI, but hopefully other labels will get into Airside's bed soon. (And if we can get Wilco's 'Spiders [Kidsmoke]' up there, then I will fish out some cash.)

The shop also stocks other Airside goodies including badges, mugs and some limited editions of their handmade Stitches.

As well as the general loveliness of the design, look out for the tone of voice used in the descriptions. For example, of Indeep's 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life', they lament:

Included here for it's uplifting pop sensibility and its unadulterated good times message. We're only sorry that we couldn't draw the bass-line.
Hurry! as the shop closes on New Year's Eve, and is well worth a mooch round. If you can't make it, then to the Airside shop with you post-haste.

(And BTW, who knew that Airside were also gallerised at the Walker now too?)


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