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Friday, November 24, 2006

Commercial: The Jarvis Cocker record


In case you needed any further inducements to go and get said item, please note the following text lifted from the CD itself. It's with thought, packaging and wit like this that downloads shall be held at bay!


The Jarvis Cocker Record

On The Use Of This Album


JARVIS should not be used as a sedative or an accompaniment to exercise.

You may sit if you wish - kneeling is really not necessary.

JARVIS can be broken into convenient bite-size pieces but probably works best when swallowed whole

Do not adjust your tone control, it's meant to sound like that. It's not LoFi or HiFi - it's MyFi and hopefully YourFi, too

A song isn't really a song until somebody hears it - so thanks for listening

Remember! As always, please do not read the words whilst listening to the recordings


Blogger TwitchyAcorn said...

oh Jarvis I love you so... have you subscribed to 'Jarvcast'? Nothing like Jarvis reading you a Grimms Fairy Tale at 8am in non moving traffic on the 10 West!

12:48 am  

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