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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Listorama: Scales

The Antoniadi Scale: Astronomical viewing conditions
Atterberg: Behaviour of soil in the presence of water
Beranek: Loudness
Brix: Strength of sugar solution
Douglas: Ocean surface disturbance
Forel: Ocean and lake water colour
Fujita-Pearson: Tornado intensity
Holmes: Mental stress
Kelvin: Stellar collapse time
Linke: Shades of blue of the sky
Mohs: Mineral hardness
Ringelmann: Darkness of smoke
Saffir-Simpson: Hurricane intensity
Scoville: Hotness of peppers
Snellen: Visual acuity
Wentworth: Sedimentary rock particle size
Zielinski: Winter storm intensity

Source: The Guardian G2, 09.06.06


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