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Saturday, December 23, 2006

26 round-up

The ever-growing pulsating beast that is 26, and its various offshoots and projects, just keeps on, um, growing. To whit, these three pieces of evidence:

1) Recommendations for December from the newsletter

2) Various reviews of some of said offshoots and projects can be found here

3) Currently in the works for the New Year is a children's book project involving students from the London College of Communication (and possibly Faber). One of the writers is Mike Reed of Reed Words, one of this parish's favourite wordsmiths. He and his collaborator on the project, Alec Strang, have set up a blog where they (and we) can track their progress through creation of the book. Consider it the literary equivalent of the lifting the bonnet up.

4) Fellow Common Grounder Lorelei Mathias has asked me to pass on these words from a friend of hers. Frankly, it makes you very glad not to be on the market:

A word of advice to the men out there: do not use the word 'gusset' on any form of first date. Ever. There is no excuse.


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