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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Commercial: Diary of a punctual adopter

After a slight false start (one frozen iPod, which was a wee bit heart-stopping, seeing as the bally thing only made it back over the pond a week ago), I joined the video podcasting classes this week. All hail Newsnight and the BBC for facilitating this, and I only realised that I was displaying signs of uber geekdom when I was walking out from Moorgate while still trying to watch and pick up City AM. My reading on public transport could suffer; however, I could start watching TV again. Maybe this is the way to reach those disappearing 16-25 males who no longer bother with TV. Although I doubt many of them would like Kirsty, the fools.

This gathering slide to barely-acknowledged geekdom has been accelerated by adoption and use of social networking web-browser Flock. Suffice to say it is fab, and could just change the way you use the web. If that doesn't suffice, here's what I sent to them (on the back of an Andreas Gursky postcard - yes, I liked the product so much, I wasted money on foreign snail mail):

So, firstly the postcard: hope you enjoy it.

And now the love: It's been three days for me using Flock now, and you might just have changed my life. I'm coming to think of Flock as a scratchpad for those of us who can't use Illustrator, or aren't yet fully fledged designers. I think you might have helped to pioneer a new verb (or at least job description): to flocksmith (vb) - to create out of aggregating text, images, tags, links etc. I'd say we're more sedate flockstars.

One addition: any chance of integrating IM into the browser?

I reckon I'm too old to post this in a forum, hence the missive to you. I even managed to overcome my fear, and add the relevant button to the blog. And if you ever need a writer (or someone to be your first Flocksmith), you know where to find me.

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