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Sunday, August 20, 2006

When Photoshop goes wrong

Only of relevance to those of you who have managed to make it down to The Oval over the last few days for the final test of the series of England against Pakistan. But if you have been, and picked up a programme, have a very close look at the individual photos of the England players in their biographies towards the middle. Now tell me: should Monty's head be at that angle?

Clearly what has happened is that someone in the ECB's programme production department couldn't get hold of proper mugshots in time, and so instead, using two templates (light or dark green background; and shoulders sloping or relatively level) has grafted the heads of the players on to these mostly inappropriate bodies.

The angle of Monty's head is one giveaway; Sajid's skin tone on his chest suddenly getting lighter is another. And Banger's head just doesn't look right.

What is going on? Couldn't the ECB stretch to proper photos? Really?


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