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Monday, August 21, 2006

Diversity in design

Just a quick note to any of you out there who happen to work in design in the UK, and are from an ethnic minority: would be worth your time participating in a survey currently being conducted by some notable figures from the industry, part of an effort trying to understand why black and Asian entrants to the industry are significantly fewer than should be expected. The survey can be found at:

What is true for design is also true for advertising and marketing more generally, although 'media' appears to be getting better. The creative industries are a tougher nut to crack, no doubt, because of the fluid nature of the ways in, as well as the fact that the lack of a 'professional' status must turn a lot of potential entrants off. That and the fact that there is no concomitant uplift upon qualification as one finds in law or accountancy.

Still, if we are to understand and talk to consumers properly, the design/marketing/advertising industries must reflect the population more accurately - empathy's great, but not a substitute for different perspectives.


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