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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 54

BetaRish (is)...

Life is boxes

Oh hai connectivity (oh hai office)

Oge he’s like Ed Reardon. But not funny

Hot Property on BBC Three is my new favourite thing

Have decided that, were I ever to appear  on BBC Three, it would be under the name ‘yung dasti’

Maybe I’m just a chatbot made flesh

For those of you who need to hear it: keep going

Waiting like an angry ghost

Change of direction, my neck

Libras in your pocket

Jump back; hop forward

My new forever comeback: “THAT’S JUST WORDS FROM A PERSON.”

Sleep or sun in my eyes, can’t tell.

Is ‘Floof FC’ an acceptable name for a fantasy Premier League team?

Truth detection is a full-time job

What does ‘winning’ to mean to you?

Just checking: England’s men won a cricket world cup yesterday? I didn’t dream it?

The world is being the world again

Oh well summer, you were good while you lasted

order today putting is words in difficult

Big trees, little forest

I look forward to the sequel of London Has Fallen, London is Melting

As strong as a melting rail today

I’m not allowed to complain about the rain today, am I?

Change the world through breakfast

“What are you doing today?” “Arting.”

...oh, one of those days you say?

Very well, then. Begin.

Summer colds eh? How unexquisite

All of a whirr

A whirr of all

Frag/ments of mo/ments

When you wake up you will find me

‘sinspiration’ << what you need when you can’t think of anything bad to do

One good evening can really last a year

Is this a shot in the information war?

Words! Come fast this week please!

Admin is bondage, isn’t it? Except less fun

What do loops do to straighten themselves out?

The devil always pops up claiming he is amoral, and that the problem wasn’t the box but Pandora

Low concept, high thrills

Brexit as a tirrit

La Rentrée

The forever grey starts today

“Busy, too busy.” – What I will say to you for the next three weeks, with apologies for the repetition

Wittgenstein’s Mistress but for the last person on Facebook

Waiting in the cafe at work, my eye turns to the screen where a music video is playing; it is subtitled, and at that moment, the caption reads: “[escapism escalating]”. I wish you that kind of day

Sunday night 'should-write-can't-write-can't-bear-to-listen-to-Washington-playing-Dallas' conundrums



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