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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 9

BetaRish (is)...

thinks the Dark Knight is savage and beautiful

might dissolve later

back from the MOO party. Thanks for the hospitality guys

starting early

wants to know how he’s going to sleep when it’s this hot

trying not to use the words easy, Sunday and morning

has lots and lots to do today

hearts Tina Fey lots and lots

wants to thank the driver who deliberately speeded up by the burst water main at Oval. You woke me up, and now I will come and find you bastard

slept on his elbow

not bad after a night’s drinking

recovering after running 8k

up early again

will start talking about himself in the third person if it puts him with a shout of the England captaincy

has equity at risk, dammit


wonders why great ideas are green this time round

picks books over cigarettes

has now booked flights to Tokyo

walking on by

asks: Bernie Mac too? While Richard Blackwood still walks amongst us?

will be doing much scribbling today

has seen Ms Beta off. It’s now just him and Treason and Treachery. South London, you have been warned

will go down all guns blazing, dammit

off to Folkestone for the Triennial

back in Stanmore for the day

close to panic stations

delighted that Miss Joan Holloway is now following me

amazed by the story he’s reading in the last issue of The New Yorker

wonders, disarms and generally selects other lesser verbs

trying to reach Marvin Barretto, as I have his mobile. If anyone has a landline number or way of contacting him, please let me know

off to get fitted up

going to start work in a moment

girding himself to get up

a tiger in Niger

discovered that playing LCD Soundsystem really loud on the tube didn’t wake him up, and pissed a lot of people off

*delighted* to welcome back insomnia, to a starring role in the bedroom

delighted to accept the nomination

having fruit salad

keeps trying to tell you, over and over

likes Holly’s new nickname: ‘glitterpony’

missing summer. Can you help him find out?

reckons that ‘Reckoning’ still sounds as daisy fresh as the first time he heard it

wants another piece of chocolate cake, although he already has enough on his plate

has said goodbye to his Coney Island babe

says, ‘rain, stay away from Croydon’

still parsing the poem that came to him at 4am

academic, as decisions go



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