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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Late night at Lab

Late night at Lab
Originally uploaded by SgtRock333.
On the town with M and S and K. Following a warm up session at Balans (which in turned followed a pre-match picnic in Kensington Gardens with A and S and S and C plus assorted others, and M who came afore the theatre), we decamped a couple of doors down the road, to Lab, which has been reliably described as one of the best cocktail bars in London. The Lemongrass Collins readily proved that fact.

K at one point was clearly getting bored, and grabbing a pen from S, decided to start napkin conversations. Which became napkin poetry. The choicest example of was this:

"Love is a sensation
Caused by temptation
A guy sticks his location
in a girl's destination
to increase the population
for the next generation!


Brilliance, at once tempered by a disregarding of one's talent. Who'd have thought you got that on a boozy Saturday night?


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