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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Round up

1. 26 recommendations for May here.

2. The petite sizes are disappearing from certain stores in the US, according to the New York Times. In a similar, and as yet unremarked upon event, men's shoes size 6 are disappearing from the high street in the UK. I am, of course, not a disinterested observer of this happening. But why? Are UK men getting taller, and therefore bigger of foot? Is there a conspiracy against the daintier of us? I am reduced to taking a 7 in a trainer at the moment. It does mean that I can kick a football better, however. Can't explain that.

3. So it seems that you can...

punch a man
have an affair with your diary secretary
have all your departmental responsibilities stripped from you
mangle your grammar on a regular basis

but it seems that what you can't do is take any time off to play a game clearly designed for your superiors in the class structure. Click here for Steve Bell on John Agonistes.

This compares well with the travails of Il Caviliere, who is reduced to claiming foul play and aping Arnie - in letters to other world leaders, no less. What, all the TV stations playing a different show now Silvio?

4. And now a request from our 'Whatever happened to...?' department:

Whatever happened to... 'warchalking'?

I remember the summer of 2002 there was a whole buzz around symbols and codes, chalked on walls by urban renegades who'd cracked a private network where one could hook up, or where a benevolent soul had left their network unencrypted. But it seems to have disappeared as a movement. Which is a shame, especially as there is disgruntlement bubbling up that the coverage of free Wi Fi across London is not as extensive as it could be.

That's it kids. Move along; there's nothing more to read here.


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