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Monday, May 29, 2006

On confessions one might be well advised not to make

"Let me sleep so I can dream of you..."

1. Does one actually broach the subject? I mean, should I mention to V that I did dream about her last night?

2. Will mention of the fact that it was an entirely platonic dream a) be accepted as that or b) be viewed as a hasty cover-up for much deeper, much naughtier nefariousness?

3. Does it symbolise something deeper, a perhaps unexpressed longing that the platonism should be consigned to the winds?

4. And if it does, how should one react? Especially if 5. one doesn't actually consciously (or at least within waking hours) recognises that longing as being one that does actually exist?

6. One can't really do so by email, can one? Especially a work email? Who knows might be reading over her shoulder.

7. And might it not be taken in entirely a wrong, but a differently-wrong sort of way, in a "How come you didn't dream of me in a non-platonic, sexual way? I mean, don't you find me sexy/alluring/attractive...?"

8. And moreover, does it not mean that I'm sub-consciously pigeonholing her as someone who I can't see in anything but a working/colleague relationship/partnership? Which means 9. that I'm not giving full vent to her as a person outside of the office confines?

10) And does it matter that all I can actually remember of the dream was that we working together, it wasn't in London and it was for quite a sexy/funky brand, and not at all dull and boring like the stuff that we did/do/might in the future normally collaborate on?

Right. Text it is then.


Blogger Alex Warn said...

Wow that so sweet of you to share in the New Trends of life.

6:54 am  
Blogger Alex Warn said...

Might it not be taken in entirely a wrong, Daily Post Gossips but a differently-wrong sort of way

9:07 am  
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