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Friday, January 20, 2006

Commercial 8: Litcasting

If only department, from this piece of podcasting puffery. Good see braining up going on in Berliner-land:

If it's difficult for the newcomer to understand the difference between a
podcast and an ordinary radio programme, this may be because the bulk of the top
25 podcasts available through the iTunes music store on a given day are ordinary
radio programmes, including Chris Moyles Radio 1 show, Chris Evans's Radio 2
show, Frank Kermode's Radio 5 Live show, and Radio 4's programmes In Our Time
and From Our Own Correspondent. But we have always been able to record the radio and listen to it later; it just never proved compelling enough to bother. What
is it about this new technology that makes listening to yesterday's Today
programme tomorrow such a tantalising possibility?


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