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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 25

BetaRish (is)...

is a cad, bounder &c

is in the shotgun formation

So, yes, today will be better

If I wanted to live under water, I’d have asked to be reincarnated as a trout

is inspecting the revels book

‘You but’ changes everything

is warming up his Onegin muscles

The insomnia’s back. Archibald Ingall Stretton people, apologies if you run into The Incredible Grump later

is performing a joint exercise

is aqua triumphalis

is losing to time on points

speaks la langue de bois

is the sound of water

Operation New Kitchen has begun

is being sworn in

was running up that hill

is trying to avoid being didactic

is waiting to make his stock market debut

is having your lunch for breakfast

is doing it down on Camber Sands and Waikiki

is the bo’sun on the ship of state

is having a little bit, and then a little more

has jubilitis

First update from the new (old) iPad

is playing in Ghostland

is drafting told-you-so communiques

is, ergo, soft

has lost his rhetorical power

is demob

To begin, then

is starting later today

The view of rain from my window might not be very inspiring today

is scared by the blank page

Despite being on sabbatical, I am clearly missing the office, as last night I dreamt I had two copy briefs from Emma Huismans to write

will be making a trip to the word shop later

Blue skies. There is something wrong

is a meal for one, with best results from frozen

is too early for Sunday

Today is a day for poetry rather than prose

is trying to make sense out of the pieces of paper surrounding him

has brain clog errors

might be awake

has started the last full sabbatical week. *sobs*

is undermining the rule of law

Treacle day ahoy


is super cute

is bridge building



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