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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Commercial: To Fly. To Advertise

Aye, late to the party on this one, and perhaps it's the influence of having recently read Hegarty's book, but I have to say I really like BA's new stuff.

Big, bold, confident, heart-warming, and saying that there are somethings that price alone just can't get you. it's right for the brand, and right for the market too, I'd add: not everyone can win by commoditising themselves, if you see what I mean...



Blogger Paul Campy said...

You're absolutely correct, that it's right for the brand, a differentiator in the market. It does niggle me though how much they play on Concorde, a plane effectively gifted to them and which they refused to allow to be passed onto another operator when they cruelly retired it in favour of, dare I say, a commodity product.

2:35 pm  
Blogger BetaRish said...

Yes; no-one's ever fully explained to me how it's not safe anymore. Maybe Stelios' 'FastJet' could revive it?

6:05 pm  

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