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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 20

BetaRish (is):

Sing all you citizens!

Last day of term

Hello St Petersberg

is waiting for a kiss on a balcony

At Pulkuvo. Goodbye St Petersberg

Hello jetlag

Here we go again…

Ever lover on a mission, shift your known position into the light

is a dream I keep having

Does tunesasthesia exist?

feels like he’s swallowing razor wire

is a neologism…

has started. He might finish

is logarithmic

wants you to groove me

will see you in the next one

is a kitemark of quality

is waiting for Malachite and Asturias

is copper-bottomed and nickel-plated

is waiting for his insatiable one

is trying to live in tetrameter

is looking for preference class

needs a permanent, portable dropbox

is a sous-sherpa

The cosmic good cheer is already leaking away down the stormhole of the galaxy

will live those days tonight

is waiting for the hammer to fall

is trying to fool himself that fullness is a state of mind

is a curatorial conspiracy

is waiting for Jack of Jumps

is looking for something witty or profound to go here

will be dancing later

is slicing up the magic hour

is Jack of Jumps

is moving with the lights on

is going down the word mine again

is on a ship called Dignity

is wondering how he’ll reach 39 lines

lacks the fundamentals

has one in the Cannes. Mostly thanks to Laila Milborrow, Paul Pearson and Natalie Powell

is still on the line

is failing to resist temptation

is categorising

is suffering from Asturias deciding playtime started at 4.30am

is barmecidal

thinks there should be something to it

is in a state of independence

is all you need

will be learning about clean energy later

is slightly off the beat

and the tale of the plaster-removing kittens…

is in the fun chair

is skying

can’t decide between being a regretful tortoise or a grateful hare

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself

is combobulated

is sporting craquelure

is in a cwtch

is gathering

would like to start a band called ‘Healy’s Eyebrows’



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