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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Commercial: Novelty ties wanted

No, seriously, I do. Or rather, Adele, one of my colleagues at AIS, who writes:

Anyone got a novelty tie they’d be willing to donate to me?

It’s for my Dad’s wedding – he wanted to wear a novelty tie for it. His fiancé couldn’t persuade him out of it, so she entrusted me to step in and have a long chat with him about the perils of wearing a novelty tie and talk him out of it. I succeeded. She is happy.

In the nicest possible way, I now plan to ruin this happiness by getting all the wedding guests to don novelty ties. Except I don’t have any novelty ties. Nor do I have access to a wedding list so that I can ask said wedding guests to bring their own novelty ties. Which means I need to find about 100 novelty ties myself so I can secretly give them to people at the wedding.

Gentlemen, I know you can help. We all have something lying around that was a ill-advised purchase, or never-worn gift. And ladies, I know there's a tie that you hate him wearing, and would secretly like to get rid of. Now's your chance. Consider this a bad tie amnesty.

Send your ties to me or Adele care of AIS by Wednesday 5 July, or if you're in London town, swing by and drop it off. I would say there's some reward at the end of it, but other than making your wardrobe a better place, I'm not sure there is. But isn't that sufficient?


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