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Friday, June 11, 2010

Commercial: Back to the terraces

Obviously you'll by now be all prepped and ready for tomorrow's epic showdown.

And you'll want some way of remembering the result.

What better than a poster memorializing other epic matches of our time? In the style of Hollywood posters?

Where do you get one of those from, I hear some of you cry.

Howsabout new design shop Back to the Terraces, where in their own words, you can go back to a time

when real men wore moustaches, Persil vouchers got you up to Newcastle and the mention of a WAG would be mistaken by the schoolboy apprentice as something to polish the pro's boots with.

Prints are original, and hand-drawn, and if you're a fan of Everton, Arsenal, Villa, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leeds, Leicester and West Ham - as well as England - well, there's something there already for you.

You might as well - seeing as you're not going to have a picture of Stevie G holding aloft a certain trophy...



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