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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A voyage in epicuriosity

Epicurious voyage 17

Now, while I didn't learn 'why hardly anyone eats faggots any more but quinoa is suddenly all the rage', yesterday's maiden Voyage in Epicuriosity from The School of Life was jolly good fun. Along the way I did learn that:

- the secret of roasting your own coffee beans is a hot air gun from B&Q

- 'cheddar' can be a verb, and that you can also get 'session' cheeses and '10-mile' cheesses

- there might have been a sixth taste grouping discovered (hello Calcuim!) and that I am in no way a 'supertaster'. In fact, I suspect I lack the even the basic 10,000 tastebuds we on average possess

- I can shave a mean nectarine petal, and that canapes are best produced by many hands.

You can see some more images here, and many thanks Jenny Linford to expertly leading us round Gastronomic London; and to Caroline and Angharad from the School for looking after us so well.



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