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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ask an adman

Ever wanted to ask a leading ad industry luminary a question? Well, now (indirectly) here's your chance.

Next Monday, the IPA's 44 Club is hosting an discussion with Sir Martin Sorrell, Sir Frank Lowe and Lord Tim Bell. Chaired by Peter York, the event is called 'The rise and fall of the ad man'. York will also be premiering his documentary of the same name, focusing on the myths and legends of the UK industry. (All of this effort is part of the wider PR push prior to the UK terrestrial TV debut of acclaimed US drama Mad Men).

Beta, along with most of the rest of the industry, is going, and is willing to be your interlocutor on the evening. So, post your suggested question(s) below, and I will do by damndest to get called, short of stripping - sorry, but I'm not going to commit career suicide on your behalf. There may even be a prize for the question that makes me laugh the most.



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