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Monday, November 26, 2007

Listorama: Facebook status updates vol 3

BetaRish is:

- pretty much done for the day now
- the only one I know
- (insert vaguely witty/amusing/random comment here)
- looking forward to tonight
- broken, after a night of no sleep
- thinking about landraces and Littlehampton
- your co-anchor this evening
- a box of clichés
- really really really really really that bad
- in a daydream nation
- ... oh, hold on, there’s somebody at the door
- looking for street-tag wit
- weak in the presence of beauty. And cakes. And very weak when beauties bearing cakes float past
- humming ‘The Nights Are Cold’ by Richard Hawley
- lacking inspiration for something to put here
- waiting for the day
- immersed in muffins
- the wake-up bomb, except it hasn’t detonated yet
- is the solution. What was the problem again?
- watching you watching you watching you
- what he said
- not running on banks
- not rested
- still not rested
- marvelling that a man can lose his job over the name of a cat
- not pleased with his hat-trick of broken nights
- Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean laoreet ligula eu eros. Nam quis nisl sit amet dui nonummy fringilla. Donnec fermentum, nisi et
- Danger Fourpence
- is on a high after seeing Oli Rockberger play in London – for those who aren’t hip yet
- The Age of Change
- a carnival kid
- utilising daisychains
- agreeing with Ruth
- a bit narked that .txt file has gone missing
- not over yet
- on a ragga tip
- wondering why his fingers are still throbbing
- twiddling with his hair
- prolific
- asleep. Or possibly dreaming he’s awake. Or is awake when he shouldn’t be
- something or other
- famerish
- mostly vitamin C
- cursing not being prescribed antibiotics two years ago
- lolloping towards the weekend
- not cordon bleu
- seeing the best minds of his generation destroyed by facebook
- thinking, no, knowing that ‘In Rainbows’ is startlingly, piercingly beautiful



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