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Friday, October 12, 2007


Another bit of beast this one:

1. How are advertising campaigns changing? Paul Springer's new book 'Ads to Icons' can help show you. (Disclaimer: AIS has some work featured in the tome, and we created said site too.) (Oh, you can get it here.)

2. My review of the Wallace Stegner novel 'Crossing to Safety' is now available on the Penguin Classics blog. (You can get this book here.)

3. A few months ago, Richard Palmer of d3o lab was named the Arena O2 X Awards Entrpreneur of the Year for 2007. (Disclaimer: I wrote the copy for the awards site.) Now, truth be told, we didn't really have much idea of what the material that Richard invented was, or what it could do. Until we espied this on Sky News the other day. Wow:

4. For those of you have the time, this might be an interesting course to attend. (via PSFK).

5. And for your consideration, four myths of viral video.

6. Regular readers will know that Beta is rarely a vehicle for political discourse. But this week's Prime Minister's Questions was a belter, and will be notable in the future for the Leader of the Opposition's denunciation of the Prime Minister:

For 10 years the Prime Minister plotted and schemed to have this job—and for what? No conviction, just calculation; no vision, just a vacuum. Last week he lost his political authority, and this week he is losing his moral authority. How long are we going to have to wait before the past makes way for the future?

From a progressive perspective, it begins to have the horrible whiff of truth about it.

And it appears that the spinning can't stop. On the Number 10 website, the transcript link for this week's PMQ's takes you here - Small Business questions to Stephen Timms - although I have no evidence this mislinking is nothing other than a genuine mistake. The full Hansard for the PMQs exchange can be found here.

It is a small thing. But, as there is no smoke without fire, it does suggest that the 'New Politics' in the 'Age of Change' is pretty much like the old politics.

6. And, from Adliterate, how to recognise a good aphorism.



Blogger Unknown said...

Great review on the Penguin site! It's made me put the novel on my 'list' (if i will read it soon is another story)

9:18 pm  

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