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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who would break a TV producer on a kitty's paw?

Meet Socks. Socks is a career killer. As the poor former editor of Blue Peter has discovered, or is about to discover, this afternoon.

Three observations:

1) Huh? Really? Is the name of a cat what our definitions of integrity in the production of media content now hinge on?

2) Is the 'audience' now so revered that whatever they say has to go? What exactly is wrong with taking the second choice for a name and using it, rather than the first? Who exactly would be disappointed and outraged that Cookie crumbled, as it were?

3) Why is it that a TV producer can lose his job over the name of a cat, but a prime minister can't over whether or not weapons of mass destruction were to be found where he said they would be?

PS: Media Guardian reports, "A new kitten named Cookie will be introduced to the show, while the BBC said Socks would 'also remain on the team...before he is taken out into the Blue Peter Garden, and drowned.'"

Oh OK, maybe not. But it may be the only way to stop Socks destroying what's left of public service broadcasting in the UK.



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