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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Capsule: Michel Gondry on complexication

Near-auteur Michel Gondry is doing the promotional rounds for his new film The Science of Sleep. He's an insightful interviewee on all manner of his subjects. This quote from today's Grauniad seemed apt for St Valentine's Day:

"There was this girl recently who said that she had watched my DVD six times, and I was thinking, 'Oh, she must really like me.' So I asked her out to a screening and she said, 'It's a date.' " He shakes his head. "But she didn't mean it as a date-date. She just meant it as a date in her diary. Or maybe she did mean it as a date, but then she changed her mind."

He pauses to ponder this conundrum; this thicket of missed connections and language barriers, gaudy dreams and cold realities. Eventually he is forced to let it lie. "I wish there was an easy answer," he sighs. "It is very complexicated".

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