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Monday, May 08, 2006

Capsule: Dance. Design. Delight

Some random and/or assorted thoughts upon having broken my contemporary dance cherry last night courtesy of Jacky and the Henri Oguike Dance Company:

1. The Britten Sinfonia really clear the palate, although the piece (Edward Gregson's 'Stepping Out', brilliantly played) highlights why people struggle with contemporary classical music, in that in its rhythmic intensity and cinematic scope, it could be said to have neglected melodic certainty.

2. 'Front Line' is all squares and right angles, and then suddenly morphs into what I thought was a Nordic West Side Story, especially when the stage is flooded with red and the action is framed within a grey shadow on stage.

3. I really lack a critical language to engage with this stuff. Which is refreshing and liberating.

4. There's a fair percentage of 14-16 year olds behind us, and it's thrillingly exciting to hear their reaction. I feel like I have discovered the new rock and roll: 'Front Line' is on the GCSE Dance syllabus (hence the youngsters, and who knew one could study that?) and yet instead of a grudging trduge to London to wade through a set text, there's whooping and cheering and hollering. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.

5. I want to see what they'd do with music by Sonic Youth.

6. As much as when a woman dancing with a man is about seducing each other, it is also about seducing you the viewer.

7. Reading the programme on the way back I discover that these pieces are 'designed' rather than necessarily choreographed. Figures why they might appeal.

8. Jacky tells me that this isn't the best stuff that she's seen by a long way.

9. I think I have a new favourite thing.


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